Tuesday, April 28, 2009

It's on the Market

These crowns I sent to Janice last month have nothing to do with our house being for sale. I just came across the picture and thought I'd put it up. To see pictures of my house, you can go to the link below. We have some people coming by this afternoon to take a second look. I love my realtor.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The End of the Rainbow

It's just too bad there was no pot of gold sitting in my pasture, which is clearly where the rainbow ended. There should have been TWO pots of gold since it was a double rainbow. If there had been some gold, I would have cancelled the listing of this property so we could stay here. I'm just knocked out by the beauty of our land and when I step outside on a spring evening like this, I can hardly stand the idea of leaving.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I Hate the Sub!

I intercepted this note last week when I substituted at the local middle school. It shocked me because the kids LOVE me at the local high school. When the high school kids walk into a class I'm in they usually smile, yell something like "My favorite sub! Whoo hoo!" and sometimes even give me a hug (frowned upon, I know.) This is because I'm not a hardass about things like quiet talking, stealth texting, sleeping . . . as long as the work assigned is completed first and everyone behaves. Kids pull their chairs up to my desk to talk to me and share things going on in their lives. I like them, they like me. At the middle school, it's a whole different ball game. When the kids walk in and see me, I watch as evil takes over. They get a gleam in their eye and I can see the wheels turning as they plot ways to make me crazy. They cheat, they start picking on weaker students, they try to destroy school property, they sass me back over ridiculously inane things. In other words, they challenge me to "write them up." And I do. Then, I take their notes. I'm framing the one above.