Sunday, February 15, 2009

Season Over

Basketball season is over and with ends cheerleading for the year. Chloe had a great time and made lots of new friends. She finally got her back hand spring and will continue to learn more tumbling skills at the gym in preparation for try outs for next year. The picture above was from state championships. Chloe is in the middle row, far left. They normally don't wear their hair quite so teased and crazy, but for competition they go a little over the top. It was a good showing, but they did an illegal stunt that took lots of points away and made for a disappointing finish. They finished in the top ten, but should have had at least second place. They were that good. All that's left now is the banquet and turning in the uniform.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Because I Can

I just can't resist posting this picture. She'll hate me, but I can't help myself. I call it, "Easily Amused."

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Valentine Close-ups

My friend Cathy asked for close-ups of two of the items I crafted for the swap. Here they are! Thanks for your interest. I had fun making these things and I'm glad Joyce liked them.

My Vintage Heart Swap

These are the things Chloe and I sent to our swap partners for Dolly's "My Vintage Heart" swap. The top picture is my swap stuff - a victorian style collage in a glass fronted shadow box, a vanilla soy candle Chloe poured, a little wood plaque collage, a tussie mussie made from vintage wallpaper filled with a vintage valentine hankie and little bits of crafting stuff in tiny baggies, a heart shaped box I decorated with old music that had a little pin shaped like a wheelbarrow filled with hearts in it, a garland, a cute book "The Letter Box," and some Mary Engelbreit book plates. There is a vintage postcard in the picture that didn't make it into the box. Somehow between photographing the "what is being sent" and getting everything packed up, this card disappeared. I'm sure I'll find it under something when we move, and I'll send it on to Joyce.
Chloe made a pom-pom garland for Rachel, and a little plaque with her glittered initial. She also include a tussie (that I made) filled with bits and pieces of crating stuff, along with a valentine hankie. She also included Rachel's favorite candy, some valentine necklaces and a vanilla soy candle with a crown on it. Chloe found a pair of pink vintage gloves to include, some hearted-shaped playing cards and some stickers. This was Chloe's first swap and she really enjoyed it. She was well matched with Rachel, being the same age and grade. They are also both Girl Scouts, which is very rare at their age. Most girls drop out in high school. I'm proud of both of them and all the community service they provide.
I'll post about all the wonderful stuff we received from Joyce and Rachel in my next post. Joyce made me a beautiful jewelry set, and best of all, my favorite chocolate covered caramel hearts. They disappeared immediately, and I'm wearing them on my butt, which has grown out of my jeans. I don't care.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Swap is Boxed and Ready to Mail

Whew! I made it - almost. After getting everything sorted, wrapped and packed, I headed out to the post office. Unfortunately, when I got there I realized I didn't have my swap partner's correct address. I felt unsure about mailing it to her office, so I carted everything home again. As soon as Joyce sends me an email, this stuff will be on its way to Florida! Where it is WARM. Not like here, where it is SNOWING.
I can't wait to post the pictures of everything Chloe and I made for Joyce and Rachel. This was a fun Mother-Daughter swap, and I really appreciate Dolly taking the time to make it happen.