Monday, October 20, 2008


This is my best friend, Janice. She made a visit to NC in March and I was thrilled that she was able to spend a day at my house. After we spent a couple of days in Charlotte attending her business convention, she brought a few of her fabulous friends to my place and I was able to show them a little of our area. Janice also got to ride my horse, Tobe. Tobe loved her far more than he will ever love me. I have gifted her my horse. Now she just has to ship him to California.
When I was on my way out the door to meet up with Janice in Charlotte, I was overcome with an urge to make her a "magic" wand. I just thought she needed one. I ran back upstairs, fired up the glue gun and made her a wand. My first. When I walked into the hotel lobby and saw her coming towards me with tears in her eyes, I knew it was more than just that she was happy to see me. She had been struggling with her place in the company she reps for, and unbeknownest to me, she really DID need a magic wand to cheer her up. She waved that crazy wand all through the convention and attracted people with her heartfelt enthusiasm. And from there, with her encouragement, I began crafting in earnest. I send her a supply of wands each month which she gifts to her guests and reps at her candle parties. I love the idea that my wands are in women's houses, making them smile. I love Janice. She is a magic woman, with or without her wand.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Nala, our kitty, has decided she likes sleeping in this unplanted pot on the deck. I don't have the heart to fill it with the mums I had in mind.
Our team won last night! It was a miserable evening of rain, wind and cool weather, but it was worth getting soaked - somehow our team pulled out the win. Our daughter and her team mates cheered through the rain. No stunting of course, and no band. It was a little lonely sitting on the visitor side. Not many parents made the trip since we were over an hour away from home. BUT WE WON!!! Final score: Raiders 10, Carson 6.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Go Team!

My daughter is a cheerleader and her high school's football team needs a win. They don't get all the support they need from the student body, and it's been a rebuilding year. They just don't seem very confident and I feel bad for them. When my son played (years ago, different school, different state), the team was huge, the success was huge and you could feel the stadium vibrate with spirit. It's just not that way here at this school, this year. I wish I knew how to help the situation, besides the obvious (attending games, booster club, donations, working concession). When I sub, I try to talk to the students about school spirit, but it seems a lost cause. So frustrating! But my daughter keeps on smiling, keeps on cheering and we all have hope. Wish us luck tonight!

In the second picture, our horses seem very interested in joining the game. The goat, not so much.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Sweet and Sinister Swap

Here's a few pics of the things I sent to Carol for the "Sweet and Sinister Swap." I was so nervous about everything. I felt really good when she immediately wrote and let me know how much she liked the package. I sent a little of everything: A wand, a garland, an altered vintage picture or two, some soy candles I poured into vintage owl glasses, a glittered skull box, some vintage trim and buttons, a cute little shabby vintage hat with black velvet leaves and ivory flowers and . . . . other things I can't even remember! I don't think I've ever been so ahead of the game at Halloween. Doing all this crafting and decorating got the house all spooked-up much quicker than usual. I'm ready for the 31st!

My First Swap

I was so fortunate that I was given Carol as a partner for the "Sweet and Sinister Swap." She sent me an amazing package of goodies. Everything was wrapped in a embellished pail with a cute raven tied to the outside. This picture doesn't even begin to do justice to the fabulous contents. Carol made the most beautiful album, filled with vintage ephemera and decorated with all sorts of interesting things. The folk art stuffed sinister kitty was perfect for my collection. One thing that isn't in my pictures is the garland she made. It was really just perfect for my mantel. I'll have to take some more pics. Thank you Carol for making my first swap such a great experience! I hope we'll be swap buddies again.

I also want to thank Kari for organizing such a fun swap. I love checking the blog for the tutorials and guest artists. It's been a treat to be a part of this holiday fun. I hope I'm lucky enough to get in next year!