Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Sweet and Sinister Swap

Here's a few pics of the things I sent to Carol for the "Sweet and Sinister Swap." I was so nervous about everything. I felt really good when she immediately wrote and let me know how much she liked the package. I sent a little of everything: A wand, a garland, an altered vintage picture or two, some soy candles I poured into vintage owl glasses, a glittered skull box, some vintage trim and buttons, a cute little shabby vintage hat with black velvet leaves and ivory flowers and . . . . other things I can't even remember! I don't think I've ever been so ahead of the game at Halloween. Doing all this crafting and decorating got the house all spooked-up much quicker than usual. I'm ready for the 31st!

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Heidi of Everyday Cookies said...

astHi Jayme!
Well my goodnes! You sent a great package, your partner was luckY! and look, you've got lots of pictures up already!

Tell you daughter that I'm asking if she can take a few minutes to teach you how to upoad pictures on your blog. Tell her one of your blog friends knows how busy she is with school and cheerleading, but that you need just a couple minutes of her expertise!!!! Then tell her I'm giving her a cyber-hug!!!! Then tell her...I'm not really THIS weird!!! LOL

I have two daughters (21 and 25) they've known I was weird all their lives, but when they both hit 21 suddenly I was a little smarter!!! LOL

Have a good evening! (or day, whenever you read this long rambling comment!!!)