Friday, October 17, 2008

Go Team!

My daughter is a cheerleader and her high school's football team needs a win. They don't get all the support they need from the student body, and it's been a rebuilding year. They just don't seem very confident and I feel bad for them. When my son played (years ago, different school, different state), the team was huge, the success was huge and you could feel the stadium vibrate with spirit. It's just not that way here at this school, this year. I wish I knew how to help the situation, besides the obvious (attending games, booster club, donations, working concession). When I sub, I try to talk to the students about school spirit, but it seems a lost cause. So frustrating! But my daughter keeps on smiling, keeps on cheering and we all have hope. Wish us luck tonight!

In the second picture, our horses seem very interested in joining the game. The goat, not so much.


Heidi of Everyday Cookies said...

Your daughter is so pretty! Cute smile! Does she ride those horses? (Watch out for that goat...!!!!!!!! We've had goats and I know what they are capable of!!!)

When I helped with the high school's spirit issue I would have a different theme every week. One week the cheerleaders would give out candy necklaces; one week I bought a ton of thrifted/cheap neck ties and all the kids, girls too, wore ties; one week we had them all wear Sunglass (inside the gym!); one week the cheerleaders threw out Big Red gum (our school had Red Devils for mascot; and stuff like that.

The kids would come to see what was up and the games were more exciting. By the way, my daughter was playing basketball at the time!!! We had more cheer/spirit for the girls' games than for the boys'! Smile...amazing what mothers can do with their daughters!

Have fun!


Jayme said...

Nice ideas Heidi! I'm going to pass them on to my daughter. I like the tie idea especially. I know what you mean about the girls' teams - plenty of support/spirit there. The varsity vollyball team is undefeated and the girls are all gorgeous. Everyone turns out to watch them. By the way - WE WON! Our first win for the football team. It was great to see their big smiles. I can't wait to go sub on Monday and congratulate them all.

The horses are mine - my daughter rides better than me, but she prefers to groom them, not ride. The goat, Ava, is a little devil girl. You're right - she's always up to something. She sleeps on top of my horse Tobe. So cute!