Monday, October 20, 2008


This is my best friend, Janice. She made a visit to NC in March and I was thrilled that she was able to spend a day at my house. After we spent a couple of days in Charlotte attending her business convention, she brought a few of her fabulous friends to my place and I was able to show them a little of our area. Janice also got to ride my horse, Tobe. Tobe loved her far more than he will ever love me. I have gifted her my horse. Now she just has to ship him to California.
When I was on my way out the door to meet up with Janice in Charlotte, I was overcome with an urge to make her a "magic" wand. I just thought she needed one. I ran back upstairs, fired up the glue gun and made her a wand. My first. When I walked into the hotel lobby and saw her coming towards me with tears in her eyes, I knew it was more than just that she was happy to see me. She had been struggling with her place in the company she reps for, and unbeknownest to me, she really DID need a magic wand to cheer her up. She waved that crazy wand all through the convention and attracted people with her heartfelt enthusiasm. And from there, with her encouragement, I began crafting in earnest. I send her a supply of wands each month which she gifts to her guests and reps at her candle parties. I love the idea that my wands are in women's houses, making them smile. I love Janice. She is a magic woman, with or without her wand.


Heidi of Everyday Cookies said...

What a sweet story! You are such a good friend to her!!!

Jayme said...

Thanks Heidi! It's funny 'cause Janice doesn't read blogs and probably won't see this post unless I email her. I'm going to have to get her hooked on this terribly wonderful habit of cruisin' the blog world.