Saturday, October 18, 2008

Nala, our kitty, has decided she likes sleeping in this unplanted pot on the deck. I don't have the heart to fill it with the mums I had in mind.
Our team won last night! It was a miserable evening of rain, wind and cool weather, but it was worth getting soaked - somehow our team pulled out the win. Our daughter and her team mates cheered through the rain. No stunting of course, and no band. It was a little lonely sitting on the visitor side. Not many parents made the trip since we were over an hour away from home. BUT WE WON!!! Final score: Raiders 10, Carson 6.

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Heidi of Everyday Cookies said...

Yeah! A win! Even on a bad weather night, and an away game!

Our cat does that too, he sleeps in a wooden box I have (had) for flowers! I think he warms it up, and he's up in the air a little bit.

Yeah again! Must have been 'cuz of the good cheering!!!!!