Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Military Ball

Chloe recently attended the ROTC Military Ball. It was kind of last minute and she barely knew her date, but she was excited to attend. The Ball is known to be better than prom, with more dancing. They are also served a very nice dinner. She had a dress, shoes and accessories ready, so prep was easy. We had a little issue with hair (next time, no matter how last minute, we WILL get an appointment to have a pro do it!!) but she made do with a sparkly headband and just went straight and glossy. I think her date had a great time, but was disappointed she wouldn't go out with him again. Apparently one of her friends has a crush on him, so she considers him "off limits." Aaah, teenage angst. He's really a very nice kid, very accomplished. This picture doesn't do him justice - he's much cuter in person. He brought Chloe home with a smile and walked her into the house at the end of the evening. Good manners are always a plus.

Just wanted to show a smiling picture of my daughter. Cheer tryouts start this week and there's been a lot of scowling and muttering after practices. Wish me luck!