Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Neighbor Envy

The picture above is from my neighbor Debbie's home. You must visit her blog She has the most amazing home, decorated in such elegance and beautiful colors that I can't believe my pitiful little place is just around the bend from hers. When we moved here, I was worried I'd never know the neighbors, since our houses are spaced so widely. It's very rural. Luckily, Debbie's mom and dad are our closest neighbors and came over to introduce themselves right away. They are just the kind of neighbors everyone needs. When I discovered Vi's daughter was Debbie, who is a friend of my best friend Lori, I was thrilled. I had heard about her lovely home, and how nice she was. When Lori told me Debbie was having a tag sale, I got to go over and meet her and her darling husband Alan. They couldn't have been nicer and showed me inside their amazing home. It is my dream home. It is far too elegant for our lifestyle, but it is my dream home. Debbie has such an eye for color and detail, and Alan has done work that is to die for. I hope I can learn from her and when I can finally decorate this humble little house of mine, some of her taste rubs off on me!

I didn't even put up a tree this year, so no holiday pics from me yet. Our house is just not ready for photos! I did put up a little vignette on my dresser of bottle brush trees and some vintage ornaments I received from Laurie (Magpie Ethel) last year. It makes me smile before I turn off the lights every night. Merry Christmas everyone!