Monday, November 3, 2008

A Little Behind

I participated in the Speckled Egg Birthday Tag swap back in September. It was my first project, and I was excited and overwhelmed. But I jumped in and did my best and when the tag book arrived, I was relieved to see I had done just fine. My tag was not the very best one, but it was certainly up to par. It was similar to some, but not the same as anyone else's. I used an image of an antique post card with roses on it for the back and little chicks wearing party hats on the front. You can barely see the edge in the picture above - it's the one with the deep pink fringe on the bottom. It's next to the one with the white pom poms. I didn't take a very good picture of my tag, but you can see it on the Speckled Egg blog. I feel so proud! I love the tag book and it hangs over my work table. I take it down and look through it occasionally, just admiring the work of so many talented crafters in the blog world. I'm so glad I leaped into this!


Heidi of Everyday Cookies said...

What a fun swap! I think that tag swaps are my favorite swaps, becuase they're quick, easy and we get to see so many styles!


Jayme said...

I agree Heidi. I'm going to try another one now that I've tested the waters. Let me know if you've heard about any good ones!