Sunday, August 30, 2009

Better, No Longer Bitter

O.K. - I'm feeling better about the house. Thanks April and Joyce! I've picked out the paint colors and new carpet. Once I get it cleaned up and painted, I think I'll be better. My husband has outlined all the plans and I think it's going to look pretty good. The best part is that it will be completely paid for and we won't have any mortage payment. Financially, that will ease the pressure and allow for more choices. Less pressure, happier family!
I sent off a new batch of crowns and wands to Janice and that always makes me feel productive. I had to get this bunch made and sent quickly since my "craft cave" had to be packed up. She requested some country themed crowns and wands for a specific event they are attending. I hope Janice and Becky like the gingham and western ones I made. I used vintage wall paper on a couple and they turned out great - very saturated colors.
I started making these wands as a way to uplift Janice's spirit. I can't help but be uplifted and inspired while I'm gluing and glittering away. I think of the smiles on the women who wear these crowns and wave these wands while having fun and building the "Sisterhood," and I can't help but smile myself.


Mama Magpie said...

Tell me more! what is this event?

Joyce's Journey said...

I love those crowns!!!! You are so crafty! I want to make some of those!!

I'm glad you're feeling better about where you are living now. You will fix it so it's nice and cozy, I'm sure.

How is Chloe?

laurie -magpie ethel said...

Adorable with a BIG CAPITAL "A"! Anyone would feel absolutely grand in one of those. Wouldn't it be fun to toodle around town on your errands wearing one of those (I think I would only wear it when I give the other drivers a giggle)