Friday, August 28, 2009

I am Bitter

This is my new crappy house. A modular foreclosure on 2 acres of meh. There will be some MAJOR renovations and additions happening post haste if my darling husband wants to live with a woman not best described as bitter and depressed.
The first thing should be the full length covered front porch with raised flower beds next to new cute stairs. Those wooden trailer steps have got to go immediately! Here in the south, a covered porch is necessary so you can hang boston ferns along the front. I had no idea you could grow those things outdoors until we moved here.
The vinyl siding will be replaced and a carport/garage added. New shutters and gutters. On the inside, lots of paint and new carpet to start. Oh well - I'm just glad we found a home within my daughter's school boundaries. There wasn't much to choose from and we only had 7 days 'till we had to be out of the farm. This new house will do until Chloe's off to college. But after this, the next house better be damned near perfect. I'm trying not to be bitter.


Mama Magpie said...

Can't wait to see the transformation-and I hear you the "next house." I say that to my husband more often than he wants to hear it;)

Joyce's Journey said...

Bloom where you are planted!!! You will make it beautiful and you will make happy memories and when the time comes for something different, you'll take your time and find your peaceful haven. You will laugh about this one day.