Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A Good Day for Vintage

I lucked into some sweet finds at the local thrift store. Cute hats, including a white beaver-fur one with a beautiful rhinestone embellishment, a little silver brocade one with little grey velvet bows and rhinestones on the netting and an adorable little girl's blue flowered one. The train case is just what I want to use in a project like one I saw on Jane's Apron. I love her blog! The quilted satin covered box is perfect for sorting and storing little things on my work table. I like to collect ivory vases, usually in a matte finish, but this small one was so sweet, I couldn't pass it by. Also the little vintage auto vase was too cute to leave behind. Everything in the picture totaled less than $6.00. Score!

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Mama Magpie said...

Sweet! Love the new banner too:)