Friday, August 27, 2010

Penguin Books Mystery Mail

I recently received some mystery mail. It was a package from Penguin Books with a great selection of titles. One is a favorite crafting book, Sock and Glove, by Miyako Kanamori. I've checked it out of the library about eight times and love using my orphan socks for creating cute animals. You'll never throw away another single sock or glove. Easy projects with lots of character and charm.
The other favorite of the bunch is The Artist in the Office, by Summer Pierre. It really helped me get inspired and off my duff to get busy creating again. It's all about priorities and small steps in the right direction. My job isn't always uplifting and I need to express myself in an uplifting way. My daughter liked the suggestion to "find someone at work (she'll use school), preferably someone just as bored as you. Every time you see each other, start to dance." I can't wait to see that happen in one of the hallways. We both liked "Be a Secret Messenger for Good." I'm going to implement that one at school soon.
There were a few more books and as soon as I've finished reading, I'll post about them.
I wish I knew why I was the lucky recipient of this lovely gift. Maybe I won a giveaway while I was on vacation, maybe somebody just likes me. Either way, Thank you!

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