Monday, December 29, 2008

Pardon my Butt

I was delivering a collage to my friend Lori today, and I met "Stewie," one of her kittens. Every time I visit Lori, she's got a kitten that needs to come home with me. However, my cat Nala is a big-time hunter and isn't very friendly to other cats. She beats up on my old, frail barn cat and brings home dead rabbits all the time. Rabbits that are bigger than cute little Stewie. I'd love to bring Stewie home to live in my barn and catch mice (since old, frail barn cat fails at rodent control) but I'm so afraid I'll be bringing her to a bad end. If Nala doesn't beat her up, I'm afraid the horses will step on her. I must resist those big, blue eyes and her sassy attitude.


Heidi of Everyday Cookies said...

cute cat!

L said...

OK, am I in? Is this it? How can I know?....OMG, I think I'm blogging!
So glad to see Stewie is "published" on the web-she's a prima dona! The only one who gets one over on her is her brother Mr T
Your blog is great!!! You're so "smart" as my grandmother used to say!