Monday, January 12, 2009


It looks like we're going to try to sell our house. I love this place, but 14 acres is a little much to maintain and we're so far from town that it just makes sense to move. It will be hard to adapt to living closer to others. It seems weird to say that after having grown up in a very suburban area, but after the privacy we've had in the last three houses, I've grown used to the peace and quiet country living affords.

The other issue is the fact that I'm not riding anymore and the horses are a lot of work and expense. I'll miss them, but they deserve someone who will spend more time with them. Maybe we can sell them to whoever buys this place. I'm afraid nobody will want my little goat Ava (who thinks she's a horse) and she'll pine for her pal Tobe. The old barn cat will have to stay, too. I inherited her from the previous owner. I'll take Nala (who we originally were fostering for a friend who never came and took her back.) This will be at least her fourth move. And our fat chihuahua Pete will have his fourth home. He doesn't seem to care where he is and travels well. He flies with us to California and loves to visit other people's houses.

I really hate the idea of packing again. This will be our 6th move in 9 years. You would think I'd be used to it. I'm not. And I'm not a minimalist, so it's a big, messy ordeal. We'll probably get a small house, with much less acreage. Our daughter will be leaving for college in -4 years, so we might as well downsize now. I won't mind finding something closer to town, since driving half an hour to ANYWHERE is a pain. I'm feeling very grouchy about packing and moving and shopping for a new house. Grouchy and teary. I do love this place very much. I'll miss it here.


Joyce said...

I grew up in the country with barely any neighbors and I very much enjoy living in suburbia now and would never, ever live in the country like that again. I like having the mall five minutes away and Barnes and Noble a hop, skip and jump away. Everything I want and need is right at my fingertips and that is how I like it. There are numerous advantages to living in the country, but it is not for me anymore. I hope you can come to peace with your move and find many positive reasons to help you go forward. Your home is beautiful and I can see how it would be sad to leave. 6 moves in 9 years???!!!!! Ugh!!!!

Marilee said...

I understand your emotions about moving. In the last 35 years my sweetie and I have moved at least 17 times -- 10 of those with kids and once, 3 weeks before our daughter was born. (Actually that move was pretty easy, I didn't have to lift a single box). One gets really good at packing!!! Hang in there. You have all my support.