Thursday, January 29, 2009

Friends You Find in Blogland

Back in the Fall, I participated in Artsy Mama's "Sweet 'n Sinister Swap." I was partnered with a really nice woman in Georgia by the name of Carol. This was to be my first swap. She had been disappointed in a previous swap. I was very, very nervous about making a nice enough package and hoped she wouldn't be let down by my crafting. Well, everything turned out great and she was happy, I was beyond happy and we decided we would swap again sometime. She recently contacted me and proposed a swap of repurposed, vintage style jewelry. We decided to make each other a necklace and a pair of earrings.

I was so excited to receive my package a couple of days ago. The first picture is the fabulous necklace and earrings made of an amazing collection of vintage beads. I wore it immediately with an ivory linen shirt and it looked perfect. She also included a really cute pink beaded (from a vintage earring) ring. I love it! I had seen some like it in Scrappy Jessi's etsy store and was wishing I could make one with some of the orphan earrings I have. Like magic, Carol read my mind and sent that little beauty!

I made Carol a chain type necklace using a vintage sweater guard and some other elements. The back of the faux ivory flower has a little tag with "bliss" printed on it. The second picture shows the necklace and hoop earrings I made after I had attached them to tags for shipping. The third picture shows the necklace a little better. I hope she likes it! She should receive it tomorrow if the mail moves quickly. I don't think she knows about my blog, so hopefully she won't see everything before it gets there.

I have been so lucky to meet warm, interesting women through my blog. I hope I can continue to explore the wonderful blogland of fun, crafty women and get to know more of them. It can make such a difference when we all support each other.

Next post should be all about the Vintage Valentine swap I'm in with Joyce. I've been up to my eyebrows in red and pink! Glitter, lace, paper, and more are covering all surfaces. I'm almost ready to pack and ship. Just have to remember to take pictures . . .


Joyce said...

I'm so excited!!!!! This is my first swap and I am worried that what we send will be "enough" or the right kind of stuff, but I decided that I am sending you things that I would love to receive so I think you will too. I have to finish everything up, find boxes for mailing and get in the mail, but will probably not be able to mail until Monday. This is such fun!!! I don't think Rachel and Chloe have been talking, but Rachel has been finding little things for Chloe everywhere we go. I know she's enjoying this too!

Have a great weekend!!

Jayme said...

Hey Joyce!
Don't worry about a thing! That's exactly how you should approach a swap - make things you love and enjoy the process. I know Chloe has been gathering things and crafting things, but she hasn't been on the computer much lately. She's had a lot of cheer stuff going on and starting a new semester with a couple of challenging honors classes has kept her busy. I'll tell her to check in with Rachel. We'll be mailing next week also, so don't stress - this is fun!!!